Using the GEMINI API

The GeminiQuery class

Extracting the VCF INFO tags with GEMINI API

The GEMINI API is useful to extract the individual tags within the INFO field of a VCF (stored as a compressed dictionary in the variants table). This would be of particular interest to those who want to add custom annotations to their VCF and still be able to access the individual tags programmatically. Here is an example where we try to extract the dbNSFP fields from the ‘INFO’ tag of a VCF, using the API.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from gemini import GeminiQuery

database = sys.argv[1]
gq = GeminiQuery(database)
query = "SELECT variant_id, chrom, start, end, ref, alt, info \
         FROM variants"

for row in gq:
        print "\t".join([str(row['chrom']), str(row['start']), str(row['end']),
                      str(row['ref']), str(row['alt']), str(['dbNSFP_SIFT_pred'])])
    except KeyError:

# yields
chr1    906272  906273  C       T       P|D|P
chr1    906273  906274  C       A       D|D|D
chr1    906276  906277  T       C       D|D|D
chr1    906297  906298  G       T       B|B|B
chr1    1959074 1959075 A       C       D
chr1    1959698 1959699 G       A       B
chr1    1961452 1961453 C       T       P
chr1    2337953 2337954 C       T       D
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