The GEMINI browser interfaceΒΆ

Currently, the majority of GEMINI’s functionality is available via a command-line interface. However, we are developing a browser-based interface for easier exploration of GEMINI databases created with the gemini load command.

Ironically, as of now, one must launch said browser from the command line as follows (where my.db should be replaced with the name of the GEMINI database you would like to explore).

$ gemini browser my.db --use builtin

At this point, the GEMINI browser is running on port 8088 on your local machine. Open a web browser to http://localhost:8088/query You should see something like:


NOTE: The internal (builtin) browser is in maintenace mode, please look at alternative browser support below for now.

## Alternative browser support

GEMINI also allows to third_party genome browsers such as [puzzle](, the successor of [SciLifeLab](’s [scout](

If you want to spawn GEMINI-compatible browsers, you can use the following commandline:

$ gemini browser my.db [--use puzzle]
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